We Need Elon Musk

Yesterday Elon Musk unveiled his grand plans to build Hyperloop, his high speed supersonic solar-powered rail that will transport people from San Francisco to LA at 800 miles per hour.

A week earlier his electric car company Tesla, continued to crush its quarterly earnings and continued to blow past everyone's expectations as it sells more and more electric cars to people all over the country.

A few months earlier Elon Musk's Space Transport company SpaceX, had one of it's spacecraft berth at the International Space Station, becoming the first commercial space craft to ever deliver cargo to the ISS.

Many years earlier, Elon Musk launched X.com, which together with Confinity, became the world-changing e-commerce platform known now by everyone as Paypal.

Elon Musk lives in the future and he is bringing it back in time to us. Whether or not any of his newer ventures or ideas ultimately succeed, he has embodied a spirit of turning ideas into reality. He is the Tony Stark and Buzz Aldrin of this generation's youth. America and the world needs more entrepreneurs tackling these hard problems, these sci-fi problems and these world-changing problems. What might change if his story was added to the science curriculum around this country? Who might be inspired to choose a different career path? Or to choose a different course of study? Or to participate in their middle school science fair?

Traditionally dominated by athletes, musicians and politicians, Zuckerburg has already broken through the role model ceiling (a silicon ceiling?) inspiring millions to join the startup movement.

What will Elon Musk inspire?


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