Unsubscribe from Black Friday/Cyber Monday

This weekend is special! Didn't you hear!? 20-90% off! Blowout Sales! Excuse to Spam! One Day Only!

Living abroad I almost forgot about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Two more holidays created (or hijacked) by the America retail machine for the purpose of selling more, more, MORE! Sales this weekend for Amazon, Woot, Kiva, Best Buy, Linode, Jet Blue, Fandango, Delta and NewEgg. Perfect timing Sears, I needed a Brand New EcoFriendly Washer/Dryer Combo! Thanks New York Times, I will Lock in my Delivery Subscription at a Reduced Rate even though you probably won't be printing on paper by the time that expires!

I used to opt-in to these promotions for the purpose of research. My interest in reading the marketing emails was from a marketer's perspective: What did they do well here, What did they do wrong? How could I make our startup's emails more/less like this one? So I'm used to managing tons of marketing emails. I would check my email, unrestricted, several times an hour from my phone, my work computer, my home computer or even someone else's computer, causing the volume to seem much smaller. In fact the only places I think I couldn't check were when I was in the shower (although apparently you can now) and in the crappy Green Line tunnel between Copley and Boylston.

Traveling around Africa no longer affords me this constant and unfettered access, but it has exposed me more to the number of marketing messages and promotions I get on a daily basis. "Checking email" is now a planned activity, an outing to an Internet cafe or WiFi-equipped hotel to get online. Now because of sheer inconvenience, I check once a day or every two days, leaving me a large number of unread marketing messages to comb through, and in the past few days especially, it is a large number.

Well not anymore. This weekend I am going to make the change. It's the best time to cut the cord. All of my "unSubscription" options are right there in my inbox, unread, staring back at me. To further filter, searching for the word "Unsubscribe" instantly shows me every company that I have no interest in hearing from again and has given me a golden link to make that happen. Don't you wish Facebook had that option to easily silence all of your random "friends" from your News Feed?

So go for it, UnSubscribe away! It's a great feeling to know you will never hear from some of these companies again. You will probably buy less crap that you don't need and best of all there will be a growth in Opt-out rates for these companies, potentially causing them to silence their spam cannons once and for all.


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