1. If Developers Took Steroids

    This post inspired by Michael Ferris Smith's What if Novelists Took Steroids in last week's New York Times Sunday Review.

    Your startup is floundering. You have just launched your MVP but it's not getting the traction you need to begin to show investors. Someone in your incubator tells you it's too soon to pivot, but you're not sure yet because you haven't yet gotten to that chapter in Read More

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  2. A 500 Startups Model for the Art World

    Thousands of unrecognized artists work late nights and weekends in their studios, basements and dorm rooms pursuing their creative calling. They will burn through their personal finances in this endeavor and tap their friends and family to be patrons or first time buyers. They will network at galleries and other artist events in the hope of getting noticed, getting a group or a solo show (getting their "product launch"). The "grind" of an artist is very similar to that of a startup entrepreneur.

    Few will be successful, and most will ... Read More

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