1. Introducing Kickbacker

    It has been a long and amazing road since leaving Boston for Africa back in July. One of the many things I wanted to make sure I did while traveling was to keep coding and build something along the way. Using a new and different stack than I was used to. I happy to release KickBacker to the public today in *beta.*

    KickBacker is a tool for KickStarter project owners to incentivize their backers to promote their project. The owners and backers are aligned around a common goal: Getting the Project Funded. KickBacker allows project owners to give their ... Read More

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  2. Easy Signal Handling for Python Daemons

    I recently had to handle a case where I needed to be able to refresh a Python module's imports on the fly. The case is for working with Twitter Streams. When new code is deployed that affects the scraping module, I want to be able to restart the stream as fast as humanly possible in order to minimize the lost of tweets. Twitter suggests firing up a new stream first and then killing the second one in order to prevent any interruptions, but for all intents and purposes this is close enough.

    Turns out ... Read More

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  3. Installation Automation: Fabric Basics

    Automated Installation and Deployment

    One of the smartest things we ever did in dev at my last job was to hard code and formalize the installation and deployment process of our application. To me, who was not only ignorant of deploy methodologies but had also inherited a 10-page perpetually out of date wiki document describing the installation, this seemed like an extremely daunting task. Now I can't imagine it any other way and so will be formalizing this from the start. Fabric was a big part of this and ... Read More

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  4. Flask Quickstart with some Quick Changes

    An App Framework without too much Framework

    One of the pieces that we built was a Web Application framework on top of Werkzeug. I fell in love with Werkzeug as soon as I learned how to spell it. It reminded me so much of how I learned how to do things with web apps in Django (but without the Django) and also has the world's most amazing debugger. I had heard a lot about Flask and how it was werkzeug based, but never explored it, so thought this time around it would be ... Read More

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