Real Life: Google Glass Done Wrong

There already exists a world where Google Glass is done wrong: I live in it. Here is a snapshot of a typical hour walking down the street.

"Good Price."
"Best Price!

Two minutes later.

"Hello, boat ride?"
"Hello you!"

One minute later.

"What your name? Where are you from?
"Hi I am Jeff from USA. And you? What is yours?"


This is Vietnam. This is India. This is Nepal. This is Kenya. This is Thailand. This is just about every tourist district, beach or monument I have been to in the past nine months. [1] It is annoying, nonstop and unobstructed advertisements for products and services coming at me from all directions.


It is obtrusive, disheartening and debilitating. [2] It's the scene at the entrance of an overnight bus swarming with rickshaw drivers screaming at you as arrive at a new city. It's the Taj Mahal with complimentary Aquafina product placements upon entry. It's an African safari accompanied by a trinket salesman. It's the therapeutic sound of rolling waves on a beautiful Vietnamese beach interrupted by the waitress yelling 'HELLO!' at every newly arrived tourist looking for a beach chair.

It's Google Glass with ads. Google, don't make this the reality. Don't even make it a preference to turn on/off. Protect our dwindling rights to exist without being bombarded by a deal. Fund the Glass service with a large upfront cost, a subscription model or my first born son, but please, not with ads.

"Sooooooo, Motobike?"

[1]These countries at some place exemplified these traits, but in now way do I generalize that the whole country is like that. There is still calm and beauty and peace to be found all over the world....and the real kind, not the artificial one created in exclusive walled-in resorts.
[2]I once had to console a South African traveler who, after being descended on by a pack of hungry taxi drivers, was sitting alone wrapped up in a ball, hugging his backpack -- his eyes moving around frantically, his breathing heavy.

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