Private Git Repos Hosted on DropBox

Don't want to shell out to GitHub for a private repository? Use Dropbox instead. You won't get all the collaboration tools that come with GitHub but at least you can keep your source code private and yet distributed without having to setup a server.

Install DropBox on your computer if you haven't already. [1]

$ cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -
$ ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd

Create a new folder for your repos inside the DropBox folder called git_repos and create a bare repo inside.

$ cd /path/to/Dropbox/git_repos
$ git --bare init

Add that Repository to your existing project and commit! Your code will now be available on all of your DropBox machines.

$ git remote add dropbox file:///path/to/Dropbox/git_repos/my_repo
$ touch some_file
$ git add some_file
$ git commit -m 'my new file!'
$ git push dropbox

Could also setup Dropbox on your server during installation and deployment. This way you could have an up to date version of your repository on the server and git pull your production branch accordingly.

[1]This is my referral link for DropBox. If you sign up I get another 500MB in my account which is a hell of a lot of git repos. Hook me up if you don't mind.


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