LinkedIn UX Team Fix your Mobile App Splash Page


Dear LinkedIn UX Team,

Please fix your #&@%$#ing mobile app download splash page!

Every time I get an email from LinkedIn and open it on my iPhone it redirects to this screen. I have the application. Thanks! I probably downloaded it one of the first of the 500 times you told me to do this. I can't get around it! The "No Thanks" button just reloads the same page. Set a fucking cookie! Query your database to see if I have linked my phone! Or better yet open links tapped on an iPhone in the app itself You have already shown that you can detect I am on an iPhone and I know you know that I have downloaded and configured your app. Put the two together. Stop asking me to download it again. Have an intern do it. Add a Jesse Pinkman button: "I Already Got It Bitch!" Why do I have to open up an application and then search for the same thing? Make the experience seamless. I want Seamless-Social-Mobile-Local! Embrace the buzzwords.


You already know that I have Installed your Mobile Application

Please don't turn into some tech dinosaur like Oracle who couldn't give a shit about the user. I don't always need a LinkedIn fix before my morning coffee fix, but when I do want a taste, don't wave it in front of me and then make me work for it. It's not just you guys who are guilty. Yelp does the same thing. In fact I can't even use the Yelp app without tapping 6 obscure buttons to avoid signing up for a Yelp account.

No need to listen to me, I am no UX expert (a UXpert?) but I do make this software crap for a living and most importantly I am a user. If thats not enough think of your power users, the constantly-ignored technical recruiters out there who have to work extra hard to use your service. They already hate their jobs enough, don't make it worse.

I am going to get some coffee now.



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