1. A 500 Startups Model for the Art World

    Thousands of unrecognized artists work late nights and weekends in their studios, basements and dorm rooms pursuing their creative calling. They will burn through their personal finances in this endeavor and tap their friends and family to be patrons or first time buyers. They will network at galleries and other artist events in the hope of getting noticed, getting a group or a solo show (getting their "product launch"). The "grind" of an artist is very similar to that of a startup entrepreneur.

    Few will be successful, and most will ... Read More

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  2. Unsubscribe from Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    This weekend is special! Didn't you hear!? 20-90% off! Blowout Sales! Excuse to Spam! One Day Only!

    Living abroad I almost forgot about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Two more holidays created (or hijacked) by the America retail machine for the purpose of selling more, more, MORE! Sales this weekend for Amazon, Woot, Kiva, Best Buy, Linode, Jet Blue, Fandango, Delta and NewEgg. Perfect timing Sears, I needed a Brand New EcoFriendly Washer/Dryer Combo! Thanks New York Times, I will Lock in my Delivery Subscription at a Reduced Rate even though you ... Read More

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  3. Copyrighting Art into Obscurity

    Some of the world's greatest artists are censored online because of copyright law. The artists and their works are being copyrighted into obscurity.

    I was searching for some images of one of my favorite artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and via Google image search stumbled across wikipaintings.org Yet, when I clicked through to the actual site I was greeted by blocked images ... Read More

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  4. Crack WiFi Passwords with aircrack

    Cracked my first wireless network today. A friend I made at a phone unlocking shop here in Kono district had a NetGear router he "found" and he couldn't reset the password to use it. I wanted to try to see if I could get into it myself before just restoring it to factory defaults. A few hours later with aircrack and its docs, I got as far as starting a brute-force attack on the router with a huge dictionary word list. Having made it far enough to just let it sit for the next 24 hours and crack, I decided to ... Read More

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  5. Using Sandy as an Excuse to Email Spam Customers

    I checked my email this morning hoping to get some Hurricane Sandy updates from friends and family. Questions I was asking: Are you still without power? Are the subways in New York still flooded? Have you already exhausted your Nacho Cheese Doritos supply?

    Yet instead, my inbox was filled with messages from different "friends" of mine. My banks. Citibank, Barclays, American Express and others all decided to send hurricane themed messages.

    images/banks.jpgRead More

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A 500 Startups Model for the Art World

Unsubscribe from Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Copyrighting Art into Obscurity

Crack WiFi Passwords with aircrack

Using Sandy as an Excuse to Email Spam Customers