How Angry are your Developers?

While cursing in your git commit messages probably doesn't correlate to actual anger at your company, here is a quick an easy command to look for curses in your project git logs. (Based on this gist)

From inside your git repository

$ git log --pretty=format:'%s' | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'
       | tr '[:space:]' '\n' | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr
       | grep -iE "(fuck|shit|bitch|damn|piss)"

Looking at my last company's repository, it seems like there was a lot of anger.

18 fuck
7 bullshit
6 shit
4 damn
2 fuckin
1 shitty
1 shit,
1 fuckkkkkkkk
1 fuck'

I thought about checking on GitHub for which projects contain the "angriest" developers. However after spot checking a few of the top projects (bootstrap, coffescript) there wasn't a single swear in their logs. Apparently these projects are a bit more professional than my last gig. Another roadblock was that I was unable to find a way to programmatically pull the most popular projects from GitHub without writing a full blown scraper of their popular projects page. ) I did figure out how to pull down the commits for a repository though in case anyone is interested.

Pull down commits for a project using the GitHub API.

$ curl -u '<github-username>'

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