1. Port Forward an old Airport Express

    I am setting up one of my old laptops to be a remote access point into my home network. After setting up no-ip.com on my machine to circumvent the static IP requirement, all I needed to do was forward a specific port in my router to the internal machine. Unfortunately I have a pretty old Airport Express and the latest Airport Utility didn't support it. I went on to apple.com and downloaded a supported version but found that it didn't work on Mavericks. Thankfully the forums on Apple support led me to this Read More

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  2. If Developers Took Steroids

    This post inspired by Michael Ferris Smith's What if Novelists Took Steroids in last week's New York Times Sunday Review.

    Your startup is floundering. You have just launched your MVP but it's not getting the traction you need to begin to show investors. Someone in your incubator tells you it's too soon to pivot, but you're not sure yet because you haven't yet gotten to that chapter in Read More

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  3. Crossword Scraper

    While abroad we couldn't find a New York Times anywhere in order to grab the crossword. After a few months we finally caved in to the $7 a month subscription for access to the NYTimes Crossword archive of over 5,000 puzzles. It is ridiculous that this subscription is separate of their other digital subscription pricing, but unfortunately they hold the keys to the puzzles.


    Now that we are back, I don't need this subscription ... Read More

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  4. Git Conflicts in your Binary Files

    Your team is behind schedule. You are supposed to have shipped 3 days ago. You have a groupon for the latest Superman movie and it expires tonight! Your dog hasn't been out yet and she is known to pee all over your roommate's bed! By your independent calculations the Aztec calendar shows tonight is the night where the planets align just right to point out the site of Montezuma's golden tomb!

    All you need to do is merge these two git branches and you are home free.

    $ git commit -m 'last testsuite written, i am home free'
    $ git push origin ...
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